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Gender Film - Silk Ceiling Part 1

In New Delhi, Ritu Bhardawaj is a star to the neighborhood kids. Not only does she help with their homework, she’s a glamorous TV reporter. For young Indian girls like Kiran and Monika, she’s a role model: at 25, a small town girl from Haryana state in a society that doesn’t favour ambitious girls. Life on Edge follows Ritu as she makes her next big report- a documentary about the ‘Silk Ceiling’ which hangs over many Indian women, narrowing lives and frustrating talents. Gender inequality is usually associated with the Middle East, Latin machismo or the West ‘Glass Ceiling’. But Ritu knows discrimination can be as bad in Asia- despite its globally known female leaders. So prompted by a sneak preview of a new UNDP report, Power, Voice and Rights on gender equality. Ritu widens her film out…Working with colleagues in Indonesia, Ritu talks to novelist Ayu Utami, who’s vowed not to get married until marriage laws have changed. She finds women from both countries vulnerable to sex trade, especially when they work abroad. But there are also role models- like Sunita, New Delhi’s first auto-rickshaw driver, and Gujarat’s ‘Diamond of the Forest’, who led her friends out of the forest into a better future. But do politics and the law mean they’re all fighting against impossible odds?